The Libellula against the trend (Vegan alimentation in Udine)

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The first vegan in udine and the province of Udine, The Libellula is a different way of living the life, in which humans live in harmony with the world around them. When you think about the “Libellula” vegan restaurant, you can think of a local and “Eco Sustainable” activity, the waste of the restaurant is minimal, many of the products they use are organic or come from local market, but not only, they organise themed evenings where the topics range from ecology to meditation.

Eat vegan in Udine 🙂

Eco wind power

Eating vegan at our bistrot means:

* save animals from a tortured life and cruel death on factory farms
* save energy and avoid exaggerated consumption of it
* help people of the so-called “third world” to create a dignified life
* not contribute to pollute ‘environment
* eating food that does not harm our body and at the same time You are ensuring the well-being of the earth.

Via Gemona 8/a, 33100 Udine