Food and Health

March 7 there will be a meeting with Matteo Siniscalco


Witness of “how diet can change our lives”.
Matteo Siniscalco will talk about his experience, and that is; as how following a vegan diet and sports activity has made a positive change to his life. Demonstrating how the vegan diet does not prevent us to successfully carry out even heavy tasks, so dispelling the common opinion that without the “meat” you can not do certain activities.

The gift

Will follow, for the occasion, a vegan dinner with several crudiste recipes.
The menu

* Tacos Latuga
* Velutata spinach with pistachio
* salsa Madras with salad
* skewers with orange pesto
* Goji fruit

Cost of the evening:
free conference
dinner (drinks) 20,00 Euro

to book:

The Libellula vegan restaurant

Via Gemona 8/a
33100 Udine
Tel .: 3293454593

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